Perhaps you’re one of those curious people that are always questioning the same thing, how does a YouTuber make money? The answer is simple as we reveal it in this article. Although becoming a YouTuber is not a financially ‘stable’ job it can be rewarding, as some people feel like they’re working their dream job. Here we have listed several ways on how YouTubers make money, no matter how big or small they are.

watchViews and Adsense

Some YouTubers might already talk about it how they make money, and yes they make money from all the views, not from subscribers or the like and dislike button. How it works is that for every specific number of views from the advertisements, they got some money. The longer that people watch the ads, the more they’re going to get. This way of getting money does not apply in case the people that are watching have a program or plug-ins to block advertisements, which is a YouTuber’s job to encourage the audience to get rid of the blocking application. Youtube unblocked here to download your favorite video into many formats.

Endorsements and sponsors

Ever watch your favorite Youtuber using a specific brand of product? Then there’s a good chance that they are being endorsed by that label. Some YouTubers are paid to advertise or specifically do a video about the product that they’re being endorsed, and the pay they’re getting varies depending on how famous the Youtuber is. For example, a Youtuber is always wearing the same label of headphone or makeup; this could mean that they are being paid to use the product in front of the camera.


Sometimes getting paid from Adsense and sponsors are not enough, and these are where Youtubers get creative. Let’s say that you’re watching a beauty channel, and suddenly they’re making their makeup line, which they’re going to sell online. All of the profits from the merchandise goes to the Youtuber without Youtube getting any of it, which is perfect. Buying a Youtuber’s merchandise is the best way of supporting your favorite Youtuber, without Youtube getting some of your money.

hugMeet and greets

Some famous YouTubers have held a ‘meet and greet’ before, and some of them charge a hefty amount for it as well. What they do on this event is that fans can meet their favorite Youtuber and talk, take pictures and even play minigames with the Youtuber, it all depends on the event.