3D is one of the emerging technologies. Using this pen, you can easily make models of cars and buildings. Nowadays, there are several models and makes of 3D pens available on the market. Ensure you look for one that has these features:

3D pens

Compatible surfaces

tgw3edfcvwhedf8u2The functionality of the pens is quite simple. They use plastic to write. An ideal pen can be used on nearly all types of surfaces. Therefore, ensure you do not purchase one that works only on a given surface. You should note that what sets apart a 3D pen from others is how it responds and how it is convenient to use.

Required temperatures

Performance of a pen is likely to change based on the temperature of the environment. Therefore, it is advisable to read the reviews and description of the performance of a pen. It is necessary to understand your working environment. In hot environments, the pen will not offer you the best.

Cooling time

In this case, the pen works only when the heat is applied. As soon as the plastic heats up, you can draw whatever you want. The pen also needs to cool down. If the cooling time is quite high, the pen will not be usable.

Clogging issues

During the cooling down process, the plastic can get stuck inside the pen. If the plastic is clogged whenever you use the pen, you will have to replace it after each use.

Unfortunately, this is quite costly. A good 3D pen ought to have a sound clogging system, which prevents plastic from being clogged. Before purchasing one, remember to check the clogging issue. It should not have clogging problems particularly if you want to draw huge models of various things such as cars and buildings.

Timing of the plastic

tvgwedfvc6hgedf7u2jm2As mentioned above, these pens use heat technology. Ensure the substance inside this pen gets out without interruption. In fact, the plastic can be sticky, and some colors may appear slightly different if used in immense heat. It is also advisable to read different reviews about 3D pens before purchasing one.


Most manufacturers provide a warranty. However, warranty conditions can be quite tricky to the buyer. For instance, the manufacturer will replace the pen if you find it to have problems. Some can have them repaired for you. Thus, depending on your needs, you can purchase a product, which has a right warranty.